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I grew up after in the Sussex countryside, surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, poultry and of course pigeons, all mostly pure-bred. I exhibited these, usually successfully, although the art of breeding has always been my main interest. I would usually get well bred, but not necessarily show quality, stock and then breeding the good ones! Much more fun!!

More recently, with my introduction to the German and Holland pigeon scene, I have been able to acquire excellent stock at affordable prices from top winning exhibitors.

Due to neighbour problems (new neighbours of course), in the winter of 2002 I made preparations to move to Germany. This was one of the few places I could afford to buy a house, live on my pension and where a hobby involving the keeping of animals is looked upon as an asset!

The Thuringer countryside is just the place!

A bit like 'Noah's Ark', with 6 dogs, 100 pigeons and whatever possessions I could 'cram' into a 16 foot van.

I would like to thank all my English and German pigeon friends for helping with the move and settling in. Without their help it would have been impossible.